Thursday, 28 January 2016

Janfebruary - Our Discount Period Extended!

We're so pleased with the response to our January dinner discount that we've invented the new month of Janfebruary and extended the period of our reduced cost three course dinner with coffee @ £17.60 up until and including Thursday 11th February!

The other piece of good news is that the website now has our sample menus back in place, including our Valentines Weekend package:

Ring to book 657663, or book online:

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Sample Menu

Hello Everyone - I am currently unable to upload our menus to our Website, so I'll post just here:

The Welbeck Hotel

Rated Number One Isle of Man Hotel on Tripadvisor 2013, 2014 & 2015 Mona Drive, Douglas, Isle of Man IM2 4LF Telephone: 01624 675663, Fax: 01624 661545

The Following is our Inclusive ‘Table D’Hôte three-course menu (including starter, main course, sweet & coffee or food to the value of £22.00) priced at £22.00 plus supplements where applicable and also our individually priced ‘A la Carte’ menu.

Sample Menu Only


Minestrone Soup - £4.75

Manx Queenies with Garlic & Bacon - £6.25 (tdh £1.50 extra)

Melon Cocktail with Raspberry Coulis - £4.75

Pan Fried Mushrooms with Stilton & Pine Nuts - £4.75

Fresh Asparagus Wrapped in Parma Ham - £4.75

Manx Kipper Pâté - £4.75

Chicken Liver Pâté - £4.75

Main Course

Roast Manx Beef with Yorkshire Pudding- £14.00

Braised Local Lamb Shank in Red Wine & Rosemary - £14.00

Escalope of Pork with Dijon Mustard Sauce - £14.00

Oriental Stir Fried Duck with Crisp Vegetables & Hoi Sin Sauce served with Noodles - £14.00

Chicken stuffed with Manx Chilli Cheddar & Garlic- £14.00

Fillet of Salmon with Asparagus & White Wine Sauce - £14.00

Grilled Fillet of Plaice with Lemon Butter - £14.00

Baked Hake with a Herb & Almond Crust - £14.00

V Wild Mushroom Risotto - £12.00 (tdh -£2.00)

10oz Manx Sirloin Steak - £17.00 (tdh £3.00 extra)

8oz Manx Fillet Steak - £18.00 (tdh £4.00 extra) Pepper Sauce - £2.50

All of the above served with Potatoes & Vegetables (Salad or Chips by request) Most of our main courses can be served with or without sauces as they are cooked to order please ask your waiter/ess

Please See Separate Dessert & Coffee Menu

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Welbeck Wedding Reminiscses

To be honest with you, I've been a little short on interesting material to blog about lately but last weekend Mr. & Mrs. Kevin & Abi Sutton booked in to celebrate their wedding anniversary having held their wedding reception here at The Welbeck Hotel in 1997.

It was great to see them here again, though I'm afraid I had to confess that my 50 year old brain failed to ignite my memories of their day which was a little disappointing.

As most of you will probably know, we are unable to do the full wedding packages now as we have no separate function room, though we are still be able to host small wedding breakfasts should anyone wish to book one.

Hilda and Sara Denver inspect the top table (Mum still is our gardener and Sara has now been here 22 years.)

I have to admit that I don't really miss holding functions, except for the weddings which although were really hard graft were very satisfying and enjoyable.

The return of the Suttons reminded me of one late Summer and early Autumn period when I seemed to recall doing there being a marriage for us to help celebrate nearly every week. I idly wondered if I was actually just imagining how many we did, so I dug out the 1999 diary and there were seven on consecutive Saturdays.

Happily, I know that at least two of the couples are still together as Mandy Clarke does Irene's eyebrows and Lynne and Glen Maloney have recently been here for Sunday lunch.

In fact Glen & Lynne's big day is probably the most memorable of all of them, as it was definitely the toughest due to the fact that our chef at the time, Stuart Murphy, dragged my mother and father and the head housekeeper, Marie Cassidy all of to London for his brother's wedding and the hotel was also fully booked.

Despite the fact that Irene also had our four children to look after as well as working and I was on duty from 5am until 3am the following day without as break, somehow we coped and the whole experience was fantastic even if at times we were hanging on by the seat of our pants.

We also had some staff tying the knot at the here, though sadly they weren't all to stay the course. I hope Marion and Andy don't mind me showing the photograph below on a blog and it was great to see Madeline the other week who was over from Ireland meeting another former Welbeck employee, Marie.

Of course, Irene and I also had our evening buffet and dance at the Hotel and as yet she hasn't filed for divorce. However, I'm probably lucky in that respect especially as I made the worst possible start to our formal partnership when I abandoned my blushing bride half way through the festivities and walked home without saying a word to anyone!

I'll try and dig out a picture of us and scan it later.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Here's a Tip - Don't back NO.6 in the 3:30 at Ascot

Yes, I know. And there's at least a dozen more along the lines of 'Don't drink don't smoke' but you get the drift?

There is little more contentious in the world of hospitality than tipping, gratuities,service charge etc. etc.

Personally, I abhor the practice of a 'Service Charge' being automatically added to a bill and I was fairly astounded to be presented with one recently in England and asked for it to be removed (though I did leave a decent tip.)

In this case, it wasn't even referred to on the menu, so I was doubly outraged to be asked to pay this ultimate stealth tax.

However, it is legal make this charge (though it probably should be referred to beforehand,) so the British Hospitality Association has written to the UK Government, asking them to legislate to make it a requirement to state openly how any excesses are distributed.

I think that this transparency is an excellent idea and therefore, am about to add our policy onto our website.

Following a recommendation to the UK Government by the British Hospitality Association, we would like to make the following statement:

There are no service charges added to any bills/invoices at the Welbeck Hotel & Restaurant.

All gratuities are given to the staff, including credit/debit card payments from which we do not deduct an amount to cover any commissions etc. to the banks/credit card companies.

Tips are pooled and handed to Irene (Proprietor.)

The total amount of tips received for the week are added up and divided between the staff and it is distributed according to how many hours they worked in that given week.

There is no 'points' system and all members of the workforce are considered equal.

The owners of the business are not shareholders in this system.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Family Fortunes

Time flies!

Astonishingly, on 5th October, I accrued a half century of years on the planet and perhaps even more incredibly, despite the ensuing alcoholic celebrations, I've yet to be thrown off it or even asked to leave!

Therefore, it seems like a good time for a family update.

It's hard to believe that it's now over 38 years since while on a day trip from Fleetwood, I dragged my Granddad around the Manx estate agents and we discovered and then viewed The Welbeck.

And we're still here!

My mother, Hilda still does the gardening around the Hotel but has retired from the business as such and she is very active in what seems like a hundred different clubs, plays canasta on Saturday, paints on a Wednesday, displaying incredible acting prowess, assumes the role of a 'Confused Old Lady' during Civil Defence emergency practices, joins her friends on their UK coach trips and still finds time for a couple of cruises every 12 months or so. I thought my life was hard work!

Lucy, Mum & I at my recent 50th birthday celebrations

My sister, Christine whom I featured last year isn't working here currently and now we have none of her branch of the family on our current staff, though her sons, Alistair and latterly Alex have both done their bit in the Hotel.

Nephews and Niece, Katie

If it's been a landmark 2015 for me, it's even more so for number one son, Matthew, who after leaving The Welbeck and all his other jobs in May 2008, has finally managed to attain permanent residency in Australia with his beautiful girlfriend, Gayle, as well eventually managing to break into computer programming which has been his ambition since before he could talk.

He too has a big birthday coming up as he turns 30 next month, so of course, he did what any upstanding, mature pillar of society would do and dyed his hair green.

Unfortunately, due to work commitments, not to mention having a 10 month old son, Elizabeth who ceased to be in our employ after TT 2006, could not make it over for my big bash, so earlier this week, we headed over to Stockport to visit her and her husband Rodders instead.

Elizabeth with Lucy's son Harry

For Irene, it certainly has not been a great year with the loss of both her brother, Anthony and her mother, Irene whom some of you may remember from her time living at the Hotel.

Although currently injured, she remains the only athlete in the family, following my retirement. No pressure then! Here's one from a few weeks ago when Lucy was a baby.
Approximately, 1,150 weeks by the way ;)

Everyone misses Lucy from the Welbeck, although she still does come and help us out whenever she's available. We were obviously disappointed to lose her but it's much better for her and Harry now that she has a more conventional position with evenings and weekends off.
Harry, of course is now at school and here he is looking all grown up and smart.

Our final full time family member, besides Irene and me of course, is Terence and he is off travelling to Australia and Asia come December accompanied by Lenny Musker with whom he first went to school back in the first year of the new millennium.

And today's quiz: Which one is Terence and which one was Michael?

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Welbeck Restaurant Pre-Carousel Dinners

As I posted some time ago, we will be offering 10% discount for dinners booked for Carousel which is being performed by the Manx Gilbert & Sullivan Society at Gaiety Theatre from 20th October for 5 nights with a matinée at 2:30pm Saturday.

We will be opening early at 5:45pm and the show commences at 7:30.

Reservations can be made by telephone on 675663 or on where you can also see sample menus.

The Society performs twice a year with a fund raising concert in March or April with their main show being in the Autumn but you can also book them privately or join them Fridays at All Saints Hall on Alexander Drive, Douglas.

By the name, you will gather that their 'raison d'etre' was to perform the popular Victorian operettas by Gilbert and Sullivan but for financial reasons, they have had to widen their repertoire and in the last few years have produced the very successful 'High Society' and 'Calamity Jane' which have helped secure their survival.

Carousel is a Rodgers & Hammerstein classic which includes numbers such as 'When the Children Sleep,' 'If I Loved You,' and 'June is Busting Out All Over' as well as the ever popular 'You'll Never Walk Alone,' which was a massive hit for Gerry & The Pacemakers in the 1960s.

Obviously, it was also adopted Liverpool Football Club as their anthem, though their supporters will be relieved by the knowledge that the Rodgers in question who co-wrote this epic, was Richard and not Brendan their recently departed manager.

Tickets cost £18 in the stalls and £20 in the Dress Circle with concessions @ £16.00 for senior citizens and £10 for children.

You can reserve your seats on:

It is a strong local cast with Billy Bigelow being played by Matt Quinn, Julie Jordan by Jenny Quirk and Simon Fletcher is portraying Jigger Craigin.

On our first attempt at the pre-theatre dinners, one or two people didn't have time to have all three course but I think we have now addressed this issue and you should be able to enjoy your Carousel ride on a full stomach.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Welbeck Hotel & Restaurant One Hour Callenge - 10th Aniversary

Sunday 11th October sees the 11th Welbeck Hotel & Restaurant sponsored One Hour Challenge at the National Sports Centre, Douglas at 10am.

Signing on will start at 9:15am and the idea is to walk as far as you can in 60 minutes, the furthest ever was achieved by Steve Partington in 1990 when he covered more than 14km but this race is more aimed at novice walkers, although all abilities and ages are welcome.

Irene and I started together in 2005 when we were both novices. This was probably our discussion after a lap or two which led to me abandoning her and going on to win my very first race.

It could be argued that was a little naughty of me as sponsor but it's history now. We were the Welbeck 'Green Team' and in this picture you can also see the back of our daughter, Lucy (12 years,) our niece, Katie (9 years) in the background, Lyndsay Garbett (nee Walker) my sister, Christine Norris and in the distance, my mother Hilda.

We had a whole team out that day but as yet, I am unable to find the Welbeck Walkers photograph. Watch this space ;) Ha Ha! Here it is and to the embarassment of almost our entire family (Matthew & Elizabeth seem to have had great foresight) :
From the left: Harry Crompton, Hilda George, Christine Norris, Alex Norris, Alaistair Wood (nephew) Katie Norris, Michael George, Irene George, Lucy George, Terence George, Lyndsay Garbett

For younger or less confident athletes there is also a half hour race and one and two laps for the little ones.

We provide prizes (restaurant meals) for the top female and male novice as well as furthest on the day and I'll be making soup for all walkers, officials, marshals etc.

For more race details, see

We look forward to seeing you on the day!