Friday, 16 August 2013

My Tenuous Link to Fame

It was great to see that Robert Heffernan won the World Athletics 50k Walk after 4th placing in major championships at least twice.

Indeed he was so delighted, he started celebrating early and ended up missing out on the Irish record by 2 seconds but what a performance. And I'll bet it was his own record anyway.

So by now you are probably wondering what all this has to do with me, The Welbeck or the Isle of Man.

Cue my tenuous link to fame:

Yes that is my name of the same trophy that Mr H won in both 2000 & 2001 at the annual Manx Harriers Walks, though it has to be said that I don't belong in his league. The winning time (and fastest ever on Manx soil?)in the latter being 1:21:54, almost a staggering 16 minutes quicker than my stroll!

Of course my great chum, Murray Lambden was delighted for him but probably even more so because he was able to regurgitate (if you'll excuse the intended pun) his video of the 2001 finish.

Actually the fact that Murray, webmaster of has filmed Rob Heffernan chundering is the other thing we have in common ;)

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